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Guidelines for a Chivalrous Man

1.) Thou shall not speak ill of any woman thus tarnishing her reputable social status and tainting her image to other future prospects who might have shown interest in her otherwise.

2.) Thou shall not do harm to thy woman physically, mentally, or spiritually, or, purposely undo her self esteem as a means of revenge.

3.) Thou shall be patient, kind, and attentive to the voice of reason during times of disagreements.

4.) Thou shall not be so quick in laying down the law and the creation of regulations before her voice and opinion have entered through thoughtful ears.

5.) Thou shall be truthful to thy lady and protect her from her own irrationality. Be cautious for these truths must travel genuinely with kind words.

Any jerk can open a car door, pull out a seat for a woman, or pay for her dinner, but don’t let these gestures fool you, for chivalry goes far beyond the basic mannerisms of simply holding open a door. Just because a man is taught how to act like a man should, it does not mean he is truly a man. Any man who can’t exhibit at least one of these five things is no man at all, chivalry is not dead, it’s just in hidding, and it’s up to men to find it.

I was standing at work trying to fix my hair in one of the mirrors, when my coworker who was watching finally suggested that it would be cute if I wore it in pigtails. I then looked her dead in the eye used my hands to create the image of pigtails and said “I don’t do pornography Kyana. “


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Purple is a confusing color. My heart feels like puple and so does my head.

I hate purple, I am purple.

The glories of nature. What are men compared to rocks and mountains?

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